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(SOLD OUT) MINDSET - Strategies to Beat Procrastination & Self Doubt

Are you where you want to be at this particular moment in your life - Job, Health, Relationships? More importantly are you happy, fulfilled and satisfied with the life you are currently living?

Have your New Years resolutions fallen by the wayside once again and you suddenly find yourself doing the same old things and expecting a different result? 

Do you still have the desire to make changes to your life, but have seen your willpower diminish? 

The reality is, you can’t expect significant changes to happen with the same mindset that got you into the position in the first place. 

MINDSET will help answer the following questions: 

  • Why we fail to pursue our dreams
  • Why we work in jobs we hate
  • Addressing the negative voice inside our heads
  • Picturing clarity and the future
  • Addressing your e

 Venue - Shoreditch House (London)

Tickets £40.00 

For further information please email