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Attraction - Mastering The Art of Pick Up & Online Dating


You see a stunning woman who you are extremely attracted to on the tube, in a supermarket, or walk past you in the street. Do you - 

A - Continue walking and think, if only?

B - Approach her and introduce yourself?

I'm guessing it's highly likely that you answered A - Continue walking past. Thinking of every excuse under the sun as to why you didn't approach her. Overcoming the fear of cold approaching woman in everyday situations will not only improve your confidence and self-esteem, but it will also enhance your communications skills in the workplace and social environments.

Become Fearless

We invite one the UK’s leading PUA’s Jon Matrix from Male Mastery to give his insight and expertise into how to effectively approach women in any social scenario. He simplifies what can be a daunting process for most men and helps them overcome the challenges and obstacles many of us guys experience when approaching women. He discusses effective opening lines, body language, verbal communication and how to overcome the fear of rejection. 

Areas Covered

  • Basic principles of pick up
  • Mindset and communication
  • Social interaction
  • Dealing with rejection

Jon’s relaxed and effective approach to pick up has seen him travel all over the world delivering his sold out boot camps to thousands of men who were in the exact same position as you Click here to see him in action

Create an effective online dating profile

The second part of the seminar is delivered by Impact Lifestyle founder Damian King who discusses how to be more effective with online dating such as Tinder and Bumble

Let's increase your right swipes

Online dating is the easiest way to meet up with potential dates thanks to the huge number of mobile apps. So why do so many men get it wrong? Portraying the wrong image and failing to communicate can be the very thing dictates your success.

The key is to create a profile that reflects you in an impressive but truthful light. The goal is to improve your assets and present them in the best possible way allowing you to maximise your online presence, 

Areas Covered

  • Profile shots and images
  • Effective profile descriptions
  • Conversation openers
  • Closing lines
  • Top 10 Do's & Dont's

Location - Central London (City) 

Time 6.30pm - 9.00pm

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