Top 5 Fetishes & Male Sexual Desires

In this week's 'Top 5' we explore and divulge the most craved and sought after sexual desires that us men secretly, and not so secretly for some, desire in the bedroom. When the sexual chemistry disappears from relationships, many men choose to explore a more adventurous and somewhat perverse experience with or without their significant other. We often find these fantasies are explored with mistresses, prostitutes, or dominatrix. But, for the best part, such desires are often fulfilled by watching porn from the comfort of one's laptop. 

Man, for centuries, has sought sexual pleasure in a number of non-conventional ways, reaching as far back as the classical antiquity. Philosophers, such as Athenaeus, Herodotus, and Plato had a penchant for pubescent boys. Many Asian and Persian rulers saw polygamy as a perfectly acceptable way of life and enjoyed orgies with up to forty to fifty women at any one time. However, in more modern times fetishes have grown to be somewhat more adventurous and, depending on your appetite, more bizarre; to include S&M, torture and role play. But, who are we to pass judgement on what’s right or wrong. 


So, let’s jump straight in and take a look (in no particular order)

1 - Some’s.....3s, 4s, and 5s

Regardless of however many women you desire sex with, more than just the one appears to be every males fantasy. It’s also high up on the list for women as well. If you’re lucky enough to have a partner who is up for it, then props to you. We aren’t all fortunate enough to have the relationship set-up of Travers Beynon. Your wife or girlfriend may take a little convincing but, play it right and, you could just find it spices up a dull and mundane sex life. But beware and approach with caution. Because it is also the number one sexual fantasy that contributes to breakups. 

2 - S&M - Domination - Bondage

Sadomasochism covers a wide variety of sexual experiences, but without veering down a dark tunnel (no pun intended) we take a look at the most common fetishes in this area being Domination. Men are the natural dominators and aggressors in life, and the bedroom for the best part. But, dig a little deeper and you will find we are often happy to take a back seat when it comes to sex and let the lady lead. This provides the woman with an opportunity to humiliate, spank and abuse the man however she pleases.

A note to women - this isn’t your opportunity to take out your frustrations on your man because he came home late from the pub, forgot to buy you flowers, or left his dirty underwear on the bathroom floor!

To explore a little bondage session Make sure you abide by the following rules

  • Agree boundaries
  • Pre-agree a safe word
  • Ensure sex toys and props are clean
  • Good communication 
  • Respect 

3 - Anal Sex - both ways

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Anal sex with a woman is so last year. Yes, it’s tighter, and yes, it’s naughty. But what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander. If you weren’t aware, the male erogenous zone is up your bum. Anything going up a heterosexual man’s arse is a big no no for many. But, you’re missing a trick. It’s not gay in any way, shape or form. Unless it’s another man putting his manhood up there - whatever floats your boat we say. 

But having a finger up the bum is the holy grail of sexual pleasure for those in the know. Start with a finger and see how you like it. Once you’ve got your head around that, the only way is up (pun intended) if you’re apprehensive about having your butt-hole invaded, think how a woman feels when you try putting your cock up her bum. If you’re cool with a little bit of anal play why don’t you move it up a notch and try pegging. 

4 - Sex parties

If your idea of a sex party is a bunch of overweight chain smoking Germans, with out of control pubes and stretch marks, then you need to open your eyes to the likes of Killing Kittens and the infamous Pink Oyster who host upmarket parties for couples and single women. The UK sex party scene is growing thanks to our easy access to porn and openness of people’s attitudes. There are parties for a range of tastes and fetishes ranging from your premier league, all the way down to the lower leagues, with prices and venues to reflect. Each party has their own rules and very few offer access to single men on their own. Have a Google and see what takes your fancy. 


5 - Watching your partner have sex with someone else

Watching your partner have sex with someone else is a huge turn on for many. The large majority of men, would opt for that ‘person' to be female, girl-on-girl action ticks the boxes for most men, I’m sure we all agree. But, there are also many guys who fantasise about watching their girlfriend/wife have sex with another man. In fact, statistically, it's reported that men would consider their wife being unfaithful or having sex with another woman to be a lesser offence, than if it were a man. Oh what fickle creatures we are. Many men get turned on just by the thought of watching another man fuck their wife. It doesn’t do it for all, but who are we to judge. 

Whatever your sexual fantasy is, ensure it’s safe, consensual and something you would be happy reflecting back on when not under the influence of alcohol. 

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