Top 5 Tips For a Productive Morning

There is no denying that getting up 30 - 60 minutes before you need to shit, shave and shower has its benefits. The "Power Hour”, as I like to call it, sets you up for the day and allows you to prime yourself for a monster gym session and a productive day in the office.

Also, don't be fooled into thinking everyone needs a full 8 hours sleep in order to perform at their optimum level. That said, it pays to experiment with what works for you. 5 to 6 hours works for some people and others it's 7 to 8. That said, anything over 8 hours is extremely rare and it would pay to address your diet if you do find you require more. We all have different chronotypes and changing the time of day you conduct certain activities often improves your performance and productivity. Initially, it's simply trial and error but it pays to invest in yourself and find out what works for you.

Some people just aren’t morning people

Improve your productivity and performance with these 5 Essential Tips:


Adhering to a simple 15-minute routine before you go to bed can alleviate stress and tiredness the following day. By simply ensuring you get a good nights sleep. Preparing everything the night before allows you to be more organised the following morning. Get your gym bag ready, clothes hung out etc, etc, and you're ready to get your head down for a stress-free nights sleep. Throw in 10 minutes of meditation and 5 HTP and you'll sleep like a baby.


Waking up 45 - 60 minutes earlier is going to allow you the opportunity to come round to your senses and enjoy some time to yourself. Hitting snooze, racing around and running late affects at least the first half of your day. Leading to poor decision making and bad food choices, which have a knock-on effect for the rest of the day. So, start your day with a win and get your arse out of bed!


As soon as you wake up, drink a pint of water to rehydrate yourself. We deprive ourselves of water for anywhere between 5 to 8 hours while we sleep. Rehydrating will trigger cognitive functionality and allow our body to reboot. Keep a pint of water by your bedside so it's at room temperature in the morning when you wake. Down that and, boom, you're ready to go!


Remeber this is your power hour and not that of Facebook, friends, work colleagues or the Daily Mail. Don't pollute your head with negativity, fake news, or images of bikini-clad models. You'll need focus and a clear mind for the next step.


If you think meditation is for tree-hugging hippies, then you couldn't be more wrong. If the word meditation conjures up thoughts of zen-like yogis sitting in the lotus position then do yourself a favour and listen up. Let's replace the word "mediation" for "peace and quiet" 10 minutes of no kids screaming, the wife nagging or work colleagues vying for your time. Now, sitting down, with your eyes closed, hands on your lap, clearing your mind of any thoughts before you start the day, doesn't sound so bad does it? That my friends, is meditation in the real world. 

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