Top 5 Fitness Myths Debunked

Eating 6 times a day

Who the hell came up with this load of rubbish? I suspect a supplement company who were looking at ways to flog their wares. Namely protein powders, meal replacements, and energy bars. Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s supplement companies would have you sprinting to the nearest water fountain to fill up your protein shake because you need protein immediately after you trained, right? Wrong! It's complete garbage and totally untrue. Unless you’re training seriously for a particular sporting event where specialist dietary and nutrition advice is needed you can pretty much eat when you want. Obviously too little or too much can play a massive role in absorption, blood sugar levels, and energy output. But if you are simply working out to improve your overall health and wellbeing, eating should be more about what you're eating and not when. In fact, eating too regularly can have its own negative effects on your health and digestive system.

Breakfast is the most important meal the day

Guess who we have to thank for this completely fabricated health myth. Kellogs that's who - the story goes that they paid for some research to be carried out shortly after the second world war. Backed by the U.S government to increase the production of corn. Rumours then spread through the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s that eating breakfast sped up your metabolism, increased your focus and aided energy levels. For the best part, this is untrue, although there is an argument for the energy levels. Although this would be called into question because of the longevity of energy from sugar-laden corn pieces covered in milk. The reality is breakfast is, in fact, the least important meal of the day. There are significant benefits of not eating breakfast and fasting until lunch.  

CrossFit is bad for you and causes injuries

Rigorous exercise causes injury it’s a fact. Any form of exercise without dual care can be dangerous. In every sport, there are injuries when people push their bodies to do things they aren’t normally accustomed to. CrossFit has blown up big time over the last six or seven years. It’s been branded well, gets people in shape, pushes people to new limits and has created a community of fitness enthusiasts. They also promote healthy, wholesome eating over and above any of the supplements widely available.


Most commercial gym PT’s would struggle with a WOD (workout of the day) Crossfitters have their own type of gyms (called Boxes) and it is a savage workout far past the fitness levels of most commercial gym goers. So it has become quite a niche area of fitness. The common misconception is there are so many injuries in the sport. But the reality is no more than most other sports, darts aside. Runners suffer injuries, as do boxers, footballers and lets not even mention uneducated commercial gym goers who have never been shown how to use the equipment. Case closed.  

You don't need to specifically train your abs to get a six pack

Bruce Lee might have started the six-pack myth - unintentionally to be fair. But doing countless sit-ups won’t get you a six-pack. In fact, you can train your abs every day of the week and still not manage to get a six-pack. The secret as we now know is diet plays the most important role. Secondly, putting diet aside you still don't need to specifically target your abs if you're incorporating functional strength and conditioning training. Squats, deadlifts, and any type of exercise where you fully brace your core will work your abs. But once again with little to no effect if your diet is poor.

Most of the physiques you see on social media are unobtainable by the average person.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but its true and let me explain why. 

Lights camera action - You heard it right, lighting and camera angle plays a huge part in how ripped you look. So does the color of your skin and baby oil.


Fake nattys - PED’s (performance enhancing drugs), juice, gear, and steroids are often used to obtain the truly great physiques. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of guys who are in awesome shape without the gear but it takes a long time to achieve, takes serious commitment, and you will never EVER be as big as the guys who do take them. 

Diet - I have said it once and I will say it again, diet plays such an important role. When you see huge bodybuilders or fitness models in stage condition it's likely they have been dieting for at least a 6 weeks beforehand plus living a boring as hell lifestyle. Not to mention a restricted diet for most of the year round. When a guy is jacked to the nines and “shoot ready” it often means he is dehydrated as hell, lacks energy, and their cognitive performance is extremely low. Give them a day or two of normal eating and hydration they lose considerable vascularity and definition. 

Photoshop, makeup, and surgery - Sorry to say but it's true in the modern age of Instagram and social media. I have seen 20 stone bodybuilders wear makeup to the gym so they photograph better, enhance their size with photo-editing tools, and fitness models who get liposuction to remove the last layer of fat from their stomach and chest. 


They get paid for it - how good would you look if you spent 6 hours a day in the gym and spent the rest of your time fine-tuning your body like a professional does? Whether you are a bricklayer, stockbroker or entrepreneur you strive to fine-tune your skills or business because that's how you earn your living. No different to any of the Instagram famous fitness models out there. But the chances of them being able to do your job as good as you, as a side hustle is also unlikely. 

The best advice I can give you is to eat a well-balanced diet, apply the 80/20 principle to life and have fun training whatever your sport. Life is for living and only you can choose how to do that. if that is eating poached salmon and broccoli then so be it, but don't miss out on lifes indulgences and being happy along the way. Most fitness models and bodybuilders will tell you its a lonely and boring life when training for specific events and photo shoots. Fitness goals should be fun and challenging and remember that effective fitness is about mobility, functionality, and movement. A healthy mind is equally important to health as physicality is. Without a healthy mind, a healthy body will never be achieved. 

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